diy orange peel christmas garland

DIY Orange Peel Garland

Well, there’s nothing like the festivity of the holiday season to bring me back to the blog. I’m not working this winter and pledged to not overcommit myself with holiday craft shows and I’m enjoying being able to slow down a little this advent season. This morning little Carys and I made this easy and amazingly fragrant garland and I want to share a quick tutorial with you so you can make one too!

I started by scoring the oranges so that the peel would come off easily in large pieces. I found that taking it off in quarters was easiest but to get some larger shapes I peeled half the orange at a time.

I used average sized oranges and small 1 to 1 1/2 inch cookie cutters fit best on the pieces of orange peel. I found that it’s easiest to cut out the shapes by placing the cookie cutter on the white side of the peel. The metal cut through the peel easily enough that three year old Carys could do it with just a bit of help. The plastic cookie cutter I used wasn’t as sharp but rolling a rolling pin over it quickly pressed it right through. I used three oranges and got seventeen ornaments from them.

As if the orange peel alone didn’t smell amazing enough, I decided to go for maximum holiday spirit and added some cloves. Carys loved pressing them in after I poked holes with a thin skewer. She mostly did those in the middles of the snowflakes and stars since I didn’t trust her not to accidentally break off one of the narrow arms of the snowflakes.

I strung them together with some baking twine and a long needle. I threaded the twine through the middle of the orange peel, choosing the thickest part on each piece and it feels really sturdy even after sliding them back and forth to get the spacing just how I wanted it.

I love how it looks and this corner of my house smells really amazing! They’ll curl a little more as they dry but I think it’ll be beautiful. I love that it’s all natural and completely compostable when I’m done with it and I didn’t need to buy anything other then a few oranges. It fits right in as a decoration near our winter nature table but would look lovely on a twinkling Christmas tree too. You could even string hanging loops onto each shape and hang them individually as ornaments. Sairshe wants to give some to her teacher this year and I think it’s a great idea!

Do you have any other easy Christmas garland ideas? They’re such a great way to personalize your decorations and to make something just right for your space.

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  1. Evon Cassier
    Evon Cassier says:

    Very clever, fragrant and super cute! I especially love holiday decorations that I don’t have to pack up and store for next year.

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