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A Sneak Peek and a Quick Sunday DIY

It’s coming! Just this morning, totally unprompted, Sairshe broke out in a dramatic and boisterous rendition of Jingle Bells. It was mid photo shoot, when she was supposed to be cute and calm for the camera (more on that in a minute), but was a reminder that we are in the blink of time that is between Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it.

I made this felt advent calendar for my family last year and finished it just in the nick of time, sewing ornaments just fast enough to keep up with the changing of days so Sairshe always had one to pull out of the pocket and hang on the tree.  This year I decided to write up the pattern. It’s been way more work than I anticipated (just ask Mike, who’s been so patient with all my formatting questions) but I should have realized that writing up patterns for 24 different ornaments and the tree wall hanging is no short order.

It’s almost done! I’ll have it up in my shop in a day or two. UPDATE! You can now purchase the pattern here.

I love this advent calendar because we can reuse it year after year and I personalized some of the ornaments so we each have our own special one.  Last year Sairshe begged to have the ice skate as her special ornament and now every time she sees it she claims to hate it. I’m hoping that this is like her complaints of the sweater that she now loves, but I do have a back up plan of taking her ice skating, since she’s never actually been (though she’s constantly wearing ice skating outfits around the house) to get her back in good graces with her ornament.

So, back to the photo shoot today. I won a discounted photo package from the talented Clara Phoenix last winter and never actually scheduled it until now. We all looked super awesome in our brown and denim and purple clothes, with a little orange accents thrown in for extra autumn-ness. I let Carys Áine borrow this orange wool pin from my shop and I decided late last night that Sairshe needed a little kick of orange too. I remembered I had a bunch of orange tulle in the closet so in about 5 minutes I whipped up this hair clip. I basically followed this tutorial, though I used several layers of tulle for the bottom instead of ribbon.

Lately Sairshe rarely holds still long enough for me to take nice clear picture of her. She was pretty wild and crazy during our photo session while Carys Áine hammed it up for the camera like a baby supermodel. I’m glad we had a professional photographer doing the picture taking because it can’t have been easy to get good pictures of all of us at the same time. I can not wait to see the finished pictures!



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