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Pumpkins in the Rain

We went to breakfast on Saturday at one of our favorite restaurants. Breakfast is my favorite meal to go out for. The kids are usually happy and excited for pancakes, they get up early enough that we can get there before the weekend brunch crowds and I often get a few minutes of quiet(ish) time to knit and drink some tea while the kids are entertained by drinks and crayons before the food comes.

We followed up breakfast with a trip to the pumpkin patch. It was rainy and cold and we would have skipped it this year if it weren’t for Sairshe. Every year we do pony rides and cow train rides, look at animals and take a hay ride to a field of pumpkins. We went for simpler this year. We went to an organic farm just outside of the city and they didn’t have all the hoopla of some of the other farms, which was just fine with us this year. We got pumpkins and didn’t do much else and thankfully our pumpkin-patch-loving girl was satisfied.

Carys was cold and was not impressed by the tent full of hay. She did look darn cute in her Sesame Seed Designs original hat. It’s a super soft angora/wool blend and Carys has hardly taken it off since I gave it to her. I made this hat for Sairshe when she was 2 and we just pulled it, along with a giant box of Sairshe’s hand-me-downs, out of the attic a few days ago. I’ve been busy making a ton of hats and my shop is stocked pretty full of them at the moment!

Sairshe wanted a pumpkin big enough she could climb inside of but we managed to talk her into a slightly smaller one. Notice the sweater she’s wearing? I’m one happy mama.

Carys was much happier snuggled up against Mike, though she was too tired to really enjoy the outing.

It stopped raining while we were out in the pumpkin field but it was still wet and muddy. Sairshe is sporting her new butterfly rain boots.

We also saw these awesome pumpkins. I’ve eaten them before and they’re really good and sweet. I just learned that they’re called pink warted pumpkins, or galeux d’eysince in French, and the warts are caused by excess sugar. I may need to go back and get one.

For more in pumpkins, check out my post on the EcoEtsy Blog this weekend about organic pumpkins and ways to have an eco-friendly Halloween!

How did you spend the weekend? I’m glad we stuck with our pumpkin tradition and went even in the rain. Do you have a fall family tradition? Leave me a comment here!


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  1. Misty
    Misty says:

    My weekend was also wet and included maple bar donuts for breakfast and a visit to the pumpkin patch in the rain. Needless to say my wellies are still caked in mud. :)

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