What to do with Basil!

Mike and I recently got 5 pounds of basil. Combine that with the large amount we have growing in our backyard and we are swimming in basil. Five pounds of basil is a lot. We had bowls and buckets of basil in the kitchen and more stuffed in the fridge.

Good thing I love basil. I really, really love it. I made tons of basil pesto to freeze as well as some spicy asian pesto that has cilantro, basil, ginger, and jalapeno. I also made basil jelly and basil-infused vodka. Bloody Marys with basil vodka and tomato juice made from tomatoes from my garden? Yes, Please!

Recipes, tips and more basil ideas can be found over on my EcoEtsy post today! See you there!

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  1. […] like plain tomato juice? It’s not my favorite thing either, but combine it with some basil vodka and make a bloody mary (I like this recipe though I don’t add the horseradish and use lemon […]

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