Making Pantry Items From Scratch

Sugar in my peanut butter? Artificial flavors in my salad dressing? Red #5 in my barbecue sauce? BPA in the linings of canned food? No thanks!

It’s better for the environment, my family’s health and my wallet to make from scratch some of the common items found in pantries across America.

Click over to the EcoEtsy blog to see my post on how to turn your pantry from one filled with boxes and cans to one that looks more like the photo above. I’ve also included a recipe for homemade macaroni and cheese so you can ditch the box. It’s just as quick to make it yourself, I promise!

Is there a common prepackaged item that you regularly make from scratch? Do you have any recommendations for someone who’s interested in reducing the amount of processed food they buy?

(pantry photo by Flickr user brandyjp. Peanut butter label photo by Flickr user Ecstatic Mark.)
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