Goodbye Lawn, Hello Path

A few weeks ago, Sairshe and I dug up some old plants and prepared a little patch of dirt in front of our house to plant some peas. Somehow that little project turned into a much bigger one. Funny how those things happen.

We’ve been wanting to reduce the amount of grass that we have around our house. Did you know that watering a lawn can double your household water usage? It also takes a lot of time and energy to mow it. Some of our lawn has to go.

We also walk across our front lawn every day going from the house to the car since the walk around the car to the sidewalk is just too much sometimes. We’re a shortcut-loving family, what can I say? The little patch of dirt I exposed turned into a much larger one- a path across the front of our house. Here’s what things looked like before. The pretty flowers we planted last month notwithstanding, things are a little overgrown and messy. The mailbox is hard to get to and in the summer our water spigot is always buried under overgrown grass since we can’t mow right around it.

Mike spent an afternoon removing the grass and removing a couple inches of dirt. It was a lot of work! The Dig beer was an appropriate finish to that afternoon.

Then we laid weedcloth along the path since we don’t want grass and weeds popping up where they don’t belong. We anchored the weedcloth and defined the edges with some plastic landscape edging.

Carys Áine was the first to test out the new path. I think she approves!

Then came the heavy lifting, or shoveling. All four of us helped fill in the path with gravel.

Now when I get out of the car I have this pretty walkway to use to get to the house.

My favorite thing, though, is the area in the first photo. We extended the gravel to go around our mailbox and water spigot. No more overgrown corner of the yard. Our flower pots look pretty and I think our mailman appreciates it too.

We have enough gravel left over to put around our garden in the backyard and we plan on taking up some of the grass back there too. Since we put in the path, we’ve had nothing but rain so we still have to cut the excess weedcloth from around our path and we plan on putting some plants in between the path and the house. We also hope to further reduce our lawn by replacing some it with this eco-friendly alternative. Oh, and plant those peas that we set out to plant when all this started.

Do you have any yard projects in the works? Do you share my dream of a yard with more native plants and less lawn?

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