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Egg-Shaped Easter Bunnies

3/14/12 Update: You can sew these too! Pattern can be found here.

Meet Hungry Bunny, Pretty Bunny, Woodland Bunny and Love Bunny! These cute little egg-shaped bunnies are my latest creations. They’ve arrived just in time for Easter and these four are already available in my shop. I’m imagining them decorating springtime tables, getting nestled into lucky kids’ Easter baskets or even being hidden alongside real eggs in an Easter Egg hunt. How fun would it be to find one of these snugly friends in the grass?

I’m working on putting together the pattern for them so that you crafty people can make your own. It’ll be available in my shop very soon so you’ll have plenty of time to make some for Easter. I’d love some feedback, though, since I haven’t put a pattern together in a long time. Are you interested in looking over my pattern for clarity and making  your own bunny? Leave me a comment by Sunday at noon Pacific Time and I’ll choose 3 people to send my pattern to free of charge. The pattern is now available and can be found in my shop.

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  1. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    Hi Casey,
    I replied to your EcoEtsy post when I should have commented here 😛 Anyway I do love your idea of hiding these bunnies in an egg hunt. Sometimes my grandma would hide several “special” eggs for each of the kids to find and we could cash it in for a special Easter surprise. These bunnies would qualify as the special surprise though! I especially love woodland bunny! Great work!!

  2. Kelly from Growing Up Wild
    Kelly from Growing Up Wild says:

    These bunnies are adorable! My son would love them! I would be thrilled to be a pattern tester for you. I do quite a bit of seeing but it has been some time since I tried to follow a pattern. Might be a good way to dummy test it.

  3. Linda Everett
    Linda Everett says:

    I see you already have plenty of volunteers, but I will toss my hat in the ring anyway and ask to be a pattern tester. I can think of a couple of little girls I can make these for. :-)

  4. Laura
    Laura says:

    I’d really love to make these ones (if they are easy as I just started with my crafty side) my daughter would love them and I can give them away to our friends from our Wednesday Spanish playgroup!!! Gracias

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