Eyelet Skirty Pattern

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I’ve finally written up a pattern for my eyelet skirty (or is it skirtie?) that I’ve been showing you lately. It’s more of a guide than a pattern but it’s free and I don’t think any of you will have any trouble with it. Happy knitting!

birthday girl in soaker

The pattern is below but I’ve also made a pdf that you can download and print. You can get that right here!

I knit this as an addition to a knit soaker (diaper cover) but have included a description of how to adapt it to be just a skirt for your little one.

To knit the skirt attached to a diaper cover:

1.First knit the soaker of your choice.I used the curly purly soaker pattern.

2.Using a circular needle the size that you used for the body of the soaker, pick up a row of stitches just below the ribbing, or about 2 inches below the top of the soaker.(Note: This is much easier if you purl the row after the ribbing when you’re knitting the soaker.Then use the purl bumps as your guide when picking up the stitches.)

3.Row 1: Join to knit in the round and *K1, yo* around.This doubles the number of stitches on your needle and adds fullness to your skirt.

4.Knit for 5 rounds.Next round (eyelet round): *K2tog, yo* around.

5.Repeat these 6 rounds until your skirt measures approximately ‘ the desired length.

6.Change to needles one size larger than those you’ve been using.This will add a little more fullness to the bottom portion of the skirt.Continue in pattern until skirt is almost the desired length.End with eyelet round.

7.Knit around

*K2tog, yo* around

Repeat these 2 rounds one more time. (Ending with eyelet rounds close together prevents the hem from rolling)

Bind off.

Note: If desired, knit stripes of a different color as often as you’d like.Also, the frequency of the eyelet row is not essential.

To knit the skirt alone:

1.Knit a gauge swatch with your desired yarn and determine how many stitches per inch you have.

2.Measure around your baby’s waist.Multiply your stitches per inch by the number of inches your baby’s waist measures.Round this number to the nearest multiple of 4.This is the number of stitches you will cast on.

3.Using a needle sized 1-2 sizes smaller than you used on your swatch, cast on desired number of stitches and *K2, P2* around for approximately 2 inches.

4.Switch to main needles and knit skirt, beginning with the K1, yo round in #3 in the above directions.

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