Olympics are 30% over!

The olympic knitting continues. We’re over 30% through the olympics and amazingly, I’m over 30% done with River! I had a minor setback when I had to tink back 3 rows but that little problem of an extra yarn over has been fixed. I knit a ton on Monday because I had the day off and Mike worked so I had nothing to take my attention away from knitting. Even the dog left me alone because he was tired from our hike the day before. This week has is pretty busy, though, so I don’t know if I can keep up this quick knitting pace. Here is River so far:The weather is again conducive to knitting. It actually snowed at work yesterday! Last weekend I had a hard time knitting because it was sunny and beautiful. How quickly the weather turned! Here are some pictures from my hike on Sunday. I hiked with Mike and some friends in Forest Park, the largest wilderness park within city limits in the U. S. (Conversely, Mill Ends Park is probably the country’s smallest park-a mere 24 inches! I encourage you to look at the link, it’s quite entertaining!) We hiked up to the Pittock Mansion which none of us had ever been to before. I was excited to see my first flower of the spring. It’s not spring yet but don’t tell these flowers.It was so beautiful and clear that we could see Mts. Rainier, St. Helens, Adams and Hood as well as the whole city of Portland. It was amazing! In this picture you can see Mt. Hood.On our way up to the mansion, We hiked through Balch’s Canyon, named after the guy who used to own the land and who, interestingly, was the 1st person to be hanged in Portland. Apparently he shot his son-in-law. L-R: me, Bradley wearing his doggie backpack, Amber, Noel, Laura and Andrew.(You would never know it, but River is actually neatly stowed in Mike’s backpack, just in case there were a few moments to knit. There were not.)

I have been knitting and watching the olympics. In my last post I talked about Kirsten and Lisa’s party and their lovely country flags. She posted a great picture of us and our flags. You may remember that I chose Japan and lastnight I had my 1st opportunity to see a Japanese athlete compete. It was a speed skater and he won his race but I don’t know if he got a medal because I didn’t stay up to see the whole event. I was very ecxited to see his race but Mike is still waiting for his 1 Venezuelan dude to show up on NBC. I have a feeling he may have to wait forever.

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  1. Julie
    Julie says:

    WOW!!! Go Casey!!! Nice job on your knitting. It looks great. I’m jeleous of the hike you went on as well. I love hiking. I’ve gone on some pretty fun ones but not for some time now and I miss it. We need to get together again sometime soon. Hope you’re having a great week.

  2. abby
    abby says:

    Casey-your river is fantastic!
    It is going to be so pretty :)
    I love forest park, every time I visit it feels new again. Good luck on finishing!

  3. Creatrlvr
    Creatrlvr says:

    I am trying to make your scarf, John Muir, but I can’t seem to understand the directions. There are too many stitches to support your directions, Please help clarify!! Thank you

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